Nageh Tex

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Our Story

Nageh Tex was founded in 1960, When Mr. Nageh, the founder, started selling fabrics in Al-Azhar. As the textile industry boomed in Egypt, the second generation expanded their father’s business through vertical integration and managed to build their first factory in 1997 to meet the demand of their customers and offer the best quality in town! With the 60 years of experience, quality and style are always guaranteed!

Founder’s Note

“وَكَانَ الرَّبُّ مَعَ يُوسُفَ فَكَانَ رَجُلًا نَاجِحًا” (تك ٢:٣٩

” The Lord was with Joseph, so he became a successful man” (Genesis 39:2)


Meet the Dream Team


Our Stores


  • 24 Biebers Street Hamzawi

    Telephone: 25145505 – 25126787

  • Al-Azhar: 108 Al – Azhar Street

    Telephone: 27863651 – 27863652

  • Al-Azhar: 3 Al Sultan Al Saheb Street

    Telephone: 25107256

  • Abbasiya: Behind the faculty of engineering Ain Shams University

    Telephone: 01001717266


  • Branch 1: Port said street – Benzayoun Qaysariya

    Telephone: 01093512939

  • Branch 2: 5 al sadfawy street of Othman Ibn Affan street

    Telephone: 01011956803

  • Branch 3: 30 Al imam of Khaled Bin Walid street crossroad

    Telephone: 01554397408

10th Ramadan

  • in front of the cooperation station – 10th of Ramadan bridge

    Telephone: 01157700017 – 01221411200

New Nageh Tex Factory

  • Third Industrial Zone A3 building number 51/52

    Telephone: 01220718748

Nageh Tex Factory

  • Industrial Zone A1 building number 5/18

    Telephone: 01225595545