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About Us

Welcome To NagehTex Group

NagehTex is one of the leaders in the Textile field in Egypt with a remarkable reputation. We are able to produce the best quality products. NagehTex is always looking forward to adopt excellent systems of quality management which complies with international quality standard and the changing environmental regulations.
Our 60 years experience has given us a cutting edge advantage over our competitors in the market. 

We produce jacquard, embroidered fabrics for upholstery and curtains as well as twisted polyester yarn and polypropylene yarn.  
With excellent quality of imported raw materials, integral modern management and trained personnel, we believe that we are producing high quality products that meet our customers’ needs.
Having the most up to date software allows us to create the best designs with broad varieties that are always up to standards. Also, this enabled us to manufacture customer-tailored products according to the current market demand.


​​Our Profile

Being in the home textile market since more than fifty years, gave us the privilege to be one of the market leaders in the textile industry and hence to accept the increased working requirements. New Nagehtex is established, providing more workspace and supporting the increased labor force. 

Our Technology

Since the beginning we were very much concerned with having the latest technology. In an effort to get by the international textile market, we do constantly ensure to upgrade our machines in all the section and stages of production.
And for the best results always, there are continuous professional trainings for our stuff in Europe and worldwide.

Product of Curtains

•    Group of weaving dobby.
•    Group of Jacquard.
•    Group of Embroidery.


We are professional in producing furniture fabrics, salon fabrics and curtains veil using our own designs which is created by our special Ned-Graphics program, with different types of fabrics such chenille, cotton, flat and silk.


Quality Control

Checking is not only done on the final products, but there is a continuous special checks in each step of the production i.e. in each department. NagehTex is very much concerned with the quality of its products and consider it first priority issue.​

About Us

NagehTex is one of the leaders in the Textile field in Egypt with a remarkable reputation.. Read More


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